We understand you have questions about Ask Her. Here are the most commonly asked questions we receive and the answers we give!

Q: Why did you start Ask Her?

A: Ask Her was started to raise awareness of the underrepresentation of women on Calgary's City Council and to encourage the participation of women in municipal politics. We are committed to supporting and registering women to run for office in the 2017 municipal election.

Q: Why should more women run for office?

A: As Calgarians, we deserve to pick from the most talented and qualified candidates that represent our interests on the ballot. When women don’t run, the pool of candidates becomes smaller and our choices more limited. So we believe that by encouraging women to run for office and offering them support we are bringing forward excellent candidates who perhaps never previously thought of running.

Q: Why does it matter there are only two women on Calgary City Council?

A: The lack of diversity on Calgary City Council limits the perspectives and voices at the table. We all win when we have voices from different backgrounds offering their own ideas and perspectives. A plurality of ideas is what allows for the best solutions to come forward.

Q: Where do you receive your funding from?

A: We are currently self-funded.

Q: Is Ask Her a registered charity?

A: No.

Q: Some of your members are involved with political parties. How can Ask Her be non-partisan?

A: Many of our members are politically active with all orders of government and are members of different Provincial or Federal parties.