Ask Her: Who We Are?

Not so many people are concerned about the political situation of their towns, especially with regard to gender ratio in the city council. The Ask Her community was created with the aim to change the current situation and encourage more women to run for the forthcoming Calgary municipal election. Despite the fact that in most developed countries women have equal rights with men, they don’t hold public offices. Statistical data serves as a confirmation of this statement. The number of female counselors has been steadily declining, and now it’s at its lowest point in recent years. 

Why Did We Undertake This Mission?

Millions of women in the world have long fought for rights and equality with men. A long time ago, women weren’t eligible to vote, to work, to get an education. Moreover, they had no right to join the army, to receive equal pay for work, etc. Now the things have changed, but the weaker sex still enjoys the rights with caution. And current political landscape at Calgary city council proves this. The city of Calgary councillors list now comprises only three women and 11 men. 

There are a lot of articles and works devoted to low female participation in legislative work. If you care about it, you may play your part in the form of legal essay. Someone had to change the situation, and the group of concerned citizens founded the project named Ask Her. The key aim of the organization was to increase awareness about the absence of gender diversity in the Calgary council. Our agitation before the previous Calgary civic election has proved effective, and the number of women who decided to run for it has increased in comparison with previous years. 

Moreover, we found out that women don’t see a perspective, but should hold positions because their mindset and way they see a world differs from those of men. Some people think that women can’t behave as true politicians should. But one shouldn’t forget about various challenging barriers that obstruct women from making important decisions. In reality, a lot of women can be better politicians than men. Stereotypes and prejudices prevent them from fulfilling their potential. 

Ask Her wants to make females use the women election rights. The country needs fresh minds and fresh ideas. Perhaps, the person who can make a better world walks among us. 

The Advantages of Ask Her 

One may argue that there are many such organizations, and there’s nothing unique in us. It’s true, but most women here are politians who agitate the masses. Paying lip service to self-nominees in Calgary elections means nothing. Ask Her has completely different principles. We not only agitate women but provide necessary funding for the electoral campaign and help them in their capacity building process. It’s what the future politician needs. Most members of the organization live or lived in Calgary and know what the city and province need like nobody else.

People want to increase their worldview and choose only the most talented, intelligent, and resolute people. The list of candidates without women is limited and incomplete. It’s unfair. Our work sets an example for thousands of women in other countries and continents. Let one woman run for office this year, two – in the following, etc. And a few years later, half of the list of candidates will be women. Set an example and show that being a politician isn’t so hard and an important part of such work. 

Ask Her is neither a political organization nor a charity. We organize one fundraiser, and all proceeds from ticket sales go to sponsoring female candidates for Calgary elections. Everything about us is transparent, and we want to work honestly. Although our members work in some political parties, no one of them poaches the candidates. Each who is running for office chooses the party independently. 

Unequal gender balance between women and men was the subject of law essay writing, and it’s time to change it.

Founders and Team Members

All board members are women, and Kerry Cundal is a very important person in the history of Ask Her. She’s one of the co-founders of this organization, helping women find the strength to become politicians. This woman also was an ordinary lawyer and decided to change her life completely. Kerry Cundal served as a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board and ran for the federal election from the liberal party. Later she decided to find Ask Her to run for women Calgary. 

There are ten board members of our company now. Each has her own story, own principles, and own aims. Ask Her is the way these girls use to realize their ambitions and help talented women from Calgary to author their own lives. It’s wrong to think that all members are politicians. The diversity of social situations and professions amazes everyone. The President is a Master of Science, research, and experienced volunteer. Members are mere students, heads of their own companies, nurses, lawyers, HR’s, volunteers, etc., who are concerned about the current situation in Calgary City Council. 

But neither the age nor the profession or nationality matter when a person has good aim and ambitions. The women’s election right was adopted to be used. Not only Calgary, but the whole world should know about talented politicians. So Ask Her community is still working to fulfill this duty to the fullest.