Review on Run Politics

What We Do

RunPolitics is a non-partisan political social tool that allows you to:

discuss political issues with others.
present questions related to issues that affect you.
request events where politicians and candidates will answer your questions.
participate in live, online OpenFloor events where the top questions will be asked.

How It Works

We use the latest online community technologies to bring your questions to the forefront of political discussion. Here’s how it all works:

You submit questions.
Questions collect votes from other people on the website.
Politicians answer the highest rated questions.
You rate their responses.
You comment on the answers and the questions.

Get Started

This main page is where you take control and ask the questions you want answered. You can submit, vote on, and comment on questions for any event.

But when we have an OpenFloor event going on, you’ll find it on the Live Event page. The Live Event page gives you the same interactivity with questions, but adds a live video feed and lets you rate the credibility of the speakers’ answers.

Who We Are

RunPolitics is run by a crack squad of political geniuses, bent on ruling the world through information. We slash and burn through the jungles as we fight our way to truth, clearing a path for any who may want to follow us.

We work tirelessly to shed light on the dark corners of our bloated bureaucracy in an effort to make sure your government’s shipshape and working smoothly for you.

Well, actually . . .

We’re a group of people who have varying levels of interest in the political realm. While we aren’t all political hounds, we share a passion for getting people as involved as they want to be in their communities.